Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cincinnati Visit

My doctor allowed me to take a break from the Delaware bed rest and go to see my family for some Cincinnati bed rest. Of course with Sam's addiction to the new camera he took tons of pictures of our favorite kids. Our niece and nephew are so wonderful and we love them so much. Jackson is getting so big and has such a great personality. Ava is growing up to be so mature and just brings us so much joy. When Mary Kate gets here she is going to have so much fun with her cousins. Ava started school this week and she sounds as if she is having a blast. Although Michele told us all that when she asked Ava what are her favorite thing is about school she says "playing on the computers" and when you ask her what is her least favorite she says "coming home." God love her... we all knew that she would love school!

It was so nice to have a break and get out of the house. I enjoyed seeing the family and visiting with everyone. I hope that the next 6 weeks goes fast and before we know it Mary Kate will be here with us and excited to meet everyone.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jillian's Surprise

So after having a few bad days Sam knew that I needed a pick me up. He surprised me and took me to have a 4D ultra sound of the baby. It was so amazing and hard to express how emotional it was to see our little girl this way. I tell Sam that she looks just like me! Honestly it is crazy but she has Sam's mouth and Sam's grandma's nose. It is crazy that you can actually see her in this way! We wanted to share just a few photos with everyone. It was such a great experience!

Sam's 28th Birthday

This past Thursday Sam turned 28! I believe that this is the first year that we haven't been to Vegas to celebrate Sam and Denny's birthdays in 6 years. Sue and Denny went for us and had a blast. Since being on bed rest I wasn't able to celebrate his birthday to much! Thanks to our good friends Colleen and Tom! They came over and made dinner for us and also made Sam his birthday cake. So we had a great evening with our friends. Sam got his new SLR camera and he loves it. He hasn't put it down since he got it. So everyone should have high expectations on the pictures that we post!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bed Rest Boredom!

Most of you are aware but I was put on moderate bed rest this past week due to having pre-term contractions. Little Mary Kate is so excited to be with Sam and I but we had to tell her it is not time yet. At the end of this week we will be 28 weeks so hopefully we can hold on to at least 10 more weeks.

I have watched enough TV to last me a year or so and I am now scrap booking and cross stitching (thanks to Grandma R.). Sam has been working a lot of hours as he is preparing for his new branch to open. When he comes home he has to take care of things here around the house. Of course he has been so wonderful to me and takes such care of us. I know that he is so excited to have MK here.

Tonight is the grand opening at Stone Creek so we are bummed we can't be there in Cincinnati with the family but I am sure we will get our fare share of eating at the restaurant once things calm down for us. GOOD LUCK to Dad, Mike and Sarah!

Sam's 28th birthday is tomorrow so I am excited to celebrate his birthday with him!