Monday, June 2, 2008

7months and so GROWN Up!

The last two posts have been written by Sam and now its my turn to give an update on how Mary Kathryn is growing up so fast. This past week there have been so many changes and she is getting to be a little girl. Here are just a few things that she has accomplished in the last few days:
*Every other word that comes out of her mouth of course is "da da".
*She is starting to crawl although right now is best going backwards.
*Wants to stand on her feet and thinks that she can just walk away.
*When we are holding her- if we are not moving she will let you know-Always on the go.
*Drank from a straw with her Aunt Sarah- Lemonade.
*Loves to eat lemons. She will just sit there and suck on a lemon for hours if we would let her.
*Pulled her self up in her crib

Just to name a few! She is so much fun! We are having such a blast!

Mary Kate's First SWIM

Summer is going to be a blast. Mary Kate loves being outdoors and with the temperature in the 80's we decided to check out Mami and PaPa's pool. Mary is a natural. Kicking and splashing. We are already looking forward to the 2020 Olympics. Or at least more visits to the nati this summer. We couldn't help but be overcome with contentedness as Mary enjoyed the "fun in the sun" this past weekend. Notice the matching hat and swim suit (move over "sex in the city") Also peep the nano wire's and the "disobey," our super cool shades compliments of Uncle Mike. The paparazzi are already staking out positions for our next trip to the Cunningham Resort!

New Kittens

Mary Kate got kittens! Every 7 month old needs not one but at least 2 kittens and who are we to deprive our daughter. Actually we thought it would be nice to have a cat to keep the mice down. When a family friend had free kittens we jumped on the opportunity. Little did we know the responsibility we signed up for. The first task was to chose names. With the help of Aunt Hannah we decided on Zoro and Jinx. So far so good except they are poop machines, we are out of litter, and not one mouse caught. We love Zoro and Jinx all the same. Welcome to the family guys!