Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bed Rest Boredom!

Most of you are aware but I was put on moderate bed rest this past week due to having pre-term contractions. Little Mary Kate is so excited to be with Sam and I but we had to tell her it is not time yet. At the end of this week we will be 28 weeks so hopefully we can hold on to at least 10 more weeks.

I have watched enough TV to last me a year or so and I am now scrap booking and cross stitching (thanks to Grandma R.). Sam has been working a lot of hours as he is preparing for his new branch to open. When he comes home he has to take care of things here around the house. Of course he has been so wonderful to me and takes such care of us. I know that he is so excited to have MK here.

Tonight is the grand opening at Stone Creek so we are bummed we can't be there in Cincinnati with the family but I am sure we will get our fare share of eating at the restaurant once things calm down for us. GOOD LUCK to Dad, Mike and Sarah!

Sam's 28th birthday is tomorrow so I am excited to celebrate his birthday with him!