Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Another crazy holiday for the Snavley Family! We always seem to travel more than not during the holidays. We spent lunch with the Wilson-Dutt family (Sam's mom's side) for lunch and then off to Cincinnati for dinner. It is crazy having to pack everyone up and get to places on time, but it was great to be with such great friends and family during the entire day. Mary Kate was an angel in the car. She normally gets really frustrated that she can't get out and crawl around but she did awesome. We went to the Schoenhoft's (my mom's sister) for dinner and they had a huge crowd so that was fun. Mary Kate was beat by the end of the night and didn't have any trouble going to sleep. On Friday evening my dad thought of a great idea- the entire family went to Fountain Square in Cincinnati and watched them light the largest X-MAS tree of all time. It was fun because the Lachey Choir was there and Nick Lachey made an appearance so that was cool. It was a little cold but Mary Kate did a great job. She really enjoyed hanging out with her cousins Ava & Jackson. It was a fun night. 

Sam had to go home because he had to work on Saturday so Mary Kate and I stayed in Cincinnati for the weekend. We have been having a blast. She is had a great visit and we can't wait for the Christmas holidays. 

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and we appreciate you keeping up on our blog!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mary Kate's 1st Hair Cut

Today we decided to go and get Mary Kate's hair cut. She has had her bangs in her eyes for too long! She doesn't like to wear bows anymore and doesn't like me messing with her hair so I had no other option. We are going with the "bob" look. She was so good and really enjoyed watching Dora the Explorer on the little TV at Becky's station. We took her to Cookie Cutters- hair salon for kids. She was interested in watching the other kids next to her getting their hair cut too. It was fun. Sam had a half day and I had my last conference call at 3:00 so we went this afternoon and had a blast.

After her hair cut we stopped for dinner at Wendy's. Mary Kate had lunch one day last week with her little friend Sully and found chicken nuggets and ketchup were soooo good. So Sam wanted to see her get so excited. She loves it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mary Kate's 1st Birthday!

Ok I know everyone is mad at us because we have not been updating our blog. Things have been crazy around the Snavley household. Mom Wilson's reopened for their 49th season and Sam and I have been working there on the weekends. Both of us still working for banks. Although sad that National City is mergering with PNC we are excited to see what the future holds for me. Sam's bank is doing really well and we hope it stays that way!

Today is Mary Kate's 1st birthday. I just can't believe it. The time just flew by. We watched the video of when she was born and I just don't remember her being so tiny! She is a blast right now. She loves life and is really a good baby. Here are some of her most favorate things to do:

* Dance (daddy plays 2pac with her and boy does she bounce)

* Reads books all day long- (loves pop ups)

* Plays with her toys (especially the hand me downs from Aunt Hannah)

* Loves taking a bath and splashing herself the whole time

* Really likes to play with Daddy!!

* Molly (our dog) is her best friend (Molly doesn't care too much for Mary but Mary loves Molly)

I could just go on and on but I promise that I am going to try to do a better job of updating the blog. I hope that you enjoy her birthday pictures so far- I am sure we will have more as she is having another party on Saturday with the family in Cincinnati.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

4th of July

For most the 4th of July means fireworks, parades, and a day off of work. It means the same thing for us but in addition it's also Mami's birthday. We get all the fun that you do but with CAKE!! Check out Mary Kate with Ava and her new friends at the local parade then we capped the day off with Mami's birthday party. She loved the parades but nothing beats blowing out the candles with family!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mary Kate's 1st CAR!

Even though it's recommended for ages 9- 36 months we just couldn't pass on Mary's first car. We get our temps at 15 right. Besides she is advanced for her age! Nothing says summer like a pink convertible. She loves riding around Grandma and Grandpa's parking lot and honking the factory installed horn. The car has already made one drive to Cincinnati and cousin Jackson used his advanced driving skills to pop wheelies and peel out. Can you say road trip?

Visit to the Critzer's

Coming home for cousin Jen's wedding gave us an opportunity to stop by our friends Gina & Andrew's. Mary Kate needed to meet their newest addition Caroline and it was good for us to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in a while. It's not everyday we get to hang out with celebrities from the Today show. Mary Kate especially enjoyed her time with world renowned Storm Defender model Maggie. She also had fun telling Caroline everything she would need to know to get the most out of her first 8 months. What's great about seeing true friends is that even if you don't talk for several months you still find a way to pick up right where left off. I look forward to our next visit with the Critzer's.

Mary Kate goes to the ZOO!

So we got a zoo pass. In fact we are now considered donors to the zoo so if any two of you out there want to go to the zoo with us consider this your invitation. Actually it was money well spent and has already paid for itself. At first I wasn't sure if Mary was really getting it as she seemed more interested with the bamboo railing around the Monkey exhibit than the Monkey's themselves. She did seem rather interested in the Penguins and the Carousel. At the very least it's a good way to spend the afternoon or a Saturday. Look for more Zoo adventures to come.