Monday, June 2, 2008

7months and so GROWN Up!

The last two posts have been written by Sam and now its my turn to give an update on how Mary Kathryn is growing up so fast. This past week there have been so many changes and she is getting to be a little girl. Here are just a few things that she has accomplished in the last few days:
*Every other word that comes out of her mouth of course is "da da".
*She is starting to crawl although right now is best going backwards.
*Wants to stand on her feet and thinks that she can just walk away.
*When we are holding her- if we are not moving she will let you know-Always on the go.
*Drank from a straw with her Aunt Sarah- Lemonade.
*Loves to eat lemons. She will just sit there and suck on a lemon for hours if we would let her.
*Pulled her self up in her crib

Just to name a few! She is so much fun! We are having such a blast!


Colleen said...

She's is such a big girl! Love all of the pictures and updates! Hopefully when we get back from Vegas I can make a little visit. Heck, by then she'll be talking and walking at the pace she's going! :)