Sunday, July 27, 2008

4th of July

For most the 4th of July means fireworks, parades, and a day off of work. It means the same thing for us but in addition it's also Mami's birthday. We get all the fun that you do but with CAKE!! Check out Mary Kate with Ava and her new friends at the local parade then we capped the day off with Mami's birthday party. She loved the parades but nothing beats blowing out the candles with family!


Colleen said...

Glad that you guys had a good time - I'm sure it was a special b-day for your mom... grandkids loving her!!!

Jay & Jess said...

We have that cute Carter's blue flower dress too! :) Aren't girls the BEST?! So fun to dress up! Maddie is going to be one in 2 weeks.....I can't believe it!!! We hope to be in Ohio for good sometime this maybe we can have a playdate! I enjoy reading your updates, keep it up! :)

Jay & Jess said...

Are we going to see any new pictures or do we have to wait until her first birthday!? :)