Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Another crazy holiday for the Snavley Family! We always seem to travel more than not during the holidays. We spent lunch with the Wilson-Dutt family (Sam's mom's side) for lunch and then off to Cincinnati for dinner. It is crazy having to pack everyone up and get to places on time, but it was great to be with such great friends and family during the entire day. Mary Kate was an angel in the car. She normally gets really frustrated that she can't get out and crawl around but she did awesome. We went to the Schoenhoft's (my mom's sister) for dinner and they had a huge crowd so that was fun. Mary Kate was beat by the end of the night and didn't have any trouble going to sleep. On Friday evening my dad thought of a great idea- the entire family went to Fountain Square in Cincinnati and watched them light the largest X-MAS tree of all time. It was fun because the Lachey Choir was there and Nick Lachey made an appearance so that was cool. It was a little cold but Mary Kate did a great job. She really enjoyed hanging out with her cousins Ava & Jackson. It was a fun night. 

Sam had to go home because he had to work on Saturday so Mary Kate and I stayed in Cincinnati for the weekend. We have been having a blast. She is had a great visit and we can't wait for the Christmas holidays. 

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and we appreciate you keeping up on our blog!!!


Jay & Jess said...

Where did you get that adorable coat she has?!? I love it. And oh....I want fleece jeans for Maddie too.....can they be twins? You have to send me your shopping tips! :)

Oh, I never responded about the video. It's a button at the top of the post that kinda looks like a film strip. If you just hold your mouse over the icons, it will tell you. Then you just select whatever video you have stored on your computer. Let me know if that helps.