Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mary Kate's 1st Hair Cut

Today we decided to go and get Mary Kate's hair cut. She has had her bangs in her eyes for too long! She doesn't like to wear bows anymore and doesn't like me messing with her hair so I had no other option. We are going with the "bob" look. She was so good and really enjoyed watching Dora the Explorer on the little TV at Becky's station. We took her to Cookie Cutters- hair salon for kids. She was interested in watching the other kids next to her getting their hair cut too. It was fun. Sam had a half day and I had my last conference call at 3:00 so we went this afternoon and had a blast.

After her hair cut we stopped for dinner at Wendy's. Mary Kate had lunch one day last week with her little friend Sully and found chicken nuggets and ketchup were soooo good. So Sam wanted to see her get so excited. She loves it.