Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We had a really special day on Saturday the 24th. When I was young I was batized by Father Celius. He is the family priest that has been apart of so many special days in our lives. Father married my parents, baptized me, converted Sam to Catholicism and married Sam and I 5 years ago. When we called him to see if he would baptize Mary Kathryn he had just gotten released from the hospital and wasn't sure if he would even be around. Well- he made it and even though he was very weak he baptized Mary on Saturday. It was so neat and special for us to have him there for her very important day. Mary Kate is also very lucky because she has three great godparents. My brother Brad is the godfather and my two sisters Sarah and Hannah are her godparents. Mom and Dad had everyone back at their house after the Baptism and we just had a laid back afternoon.