Friday, November 2, 2007

Sponge Bath

Today we gave MK her first sponge bath and she loved it. She was so happy being naked and wrapped up in her duck towel that her Aunt Hannah bought for her. She loved being massaged and clean. We had so much fun being with her and taking pictures. Sam really has gotten good at taking great shots. We hope that everyone is enjoying them as much as we are.

Things are going well for us. Not a whole lot of sleep at night. Of course she has days and nights mixed a little. She literally sleeps all day and you would think that Sam and I would get some good rest but it is hard to sleep during the day when the world doesn't stop when you have a kid. We have been able to get a lot of household chores done this week but getting very tired. I think that going forward naps are going to be key.

Sam is planning on going back to work on Monday afternoon and so we will see how mom does on her own. With not having a whole lot of experience with a baby- Sam has adapted almost too well. He is spoiling me and for those of you who know me well know that I have been spoiled my whole relationship with Sam and too think that it would change is crazy. Actually I think that it has gotten worse. He is so involved in everything that Mary does it is so sweet. He is the one that sits with us at every feeding and tickles her little feet to make sure that she stays awake. He has already complied several nicknames for her and you should see her little face when he talks to her. She is in love with her dad. I think that after 5 days it is safe to say that Mary is a "Daddy's little girl!"