Thursday, November 8, 2007


Over this past weekend- Mary Kate's aunt, uncle and cousins came to visit. Ava loved Mary Kate so much- she read to her and sang to her. It was a whole lot of fun to watch her interact with MK. Jackson just says "baby" all the time. He is very active and loves to play. The cousins, Kerri, Tim, Kimberly and Tim stopped by on Sunday after the Buckeye's game. Then Aunt Sarah and Mami Cunningham came for the night to hang out which was a nice surprise. Sam made a wonderful dinner and we just hung out which was really nice.

Grandma and Grandpa Snavley normally come everyday to see Mary Kathryn and to see how much she has changed from day 1. They love to visit with her and just hang out. Last night we got out for the first time since going to the Dr. and had dinner at their house which was really nice for Mom to get out of the house for an hour or so.