Sunday, November 11, 2007

Aunt Hannah's Visit/Jill's 1st time out

Hannah hadn't seen Mary Kathryn since she was born so she took a day off of school and her and Mom came up on Friday morning and stayed through Saturday. Mary Kate loves Aunt Hannah. She would cuddle up next to her and just sleep. Hannah did not like that she sleep all day but it was fun to hang out with them.

The most exciting part of the day was Mami watched Mary Kate while Hannah and I went out for an hour to pick up a few things. We went to Hobby Lobby and got some more scrapbooking things (I really don't need anymore) for Mary Kate's book. We had such a great time but I felt bad leaving her so I rushed back. It was nice to get a little break.

Anyway Mary had to go to the Doctor b/c she woke up yesterday with a swollen eye. She has a clogged tear duct and we had to see the DR. I guess it is normal for infants to have this problem. They weighted her again and much to our surprised Mary Kate weighes 7 lbs 11 ounces. The DR. said that they expect that the baby get back to their birth weight within 2 weeks of their birthday. Well MK is 2 weeks today and she is already reached that. She really likes the mommy milk. We joke around and my nickname is the "Milk Lady." Whenever she hears my voice she thinks its time to eat.

Things are going really well and we are having so much fun. Night times are still a little hard but that is OK with me.


Patrick Dyer said...
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Patrick Dyer said...

Awww.... I want her to sleep on my chest! Oh and by the way, if she wants to stay up all night and party with Uncle Pat and Mike when they come to visit, she can party with us, cause we all now Jill goes right to sleep. HA